Water Leak Video Inspection Footage

Keep THIS from happening!

A Palm Harbor condo complex called I Find Leaks out to a job to find a leak another company couldn't find. The other company dug a trench looking for a leak in a condo bedroom. It turns out the leak was located in an adjacent condo and not the condo they were digging in. Call I Find Leaks first for leak detection services which will save you time and money!

I Find Leaks Rated 5.0

Walked into the kitchen after work to find the entire floor covered in water. Called their office and was pleasantly surprised that they could have a technician out to my house within the hour. They determined that the water leak was from a broken pipe under my foundation. They located the leak and dried out my home that night. Yes I would recommend them to friends and family. 5.0 Jessica Lanahan 2014-09-06 Via Google Reviews