I Find Leaks can solve any LEAK DETECTION PROBLEM. We serve all of Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties including all the major cities such as Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, Palm Harbor, Seminole, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Tarpon Springs.

I Find Leaks is a licensed, bonded & insured Leak Detection Company!

High Water Bills, water leaking inside of your home or the sound of running water in your walls are all signs that you need water leak detection. We specialize in locating hidden water leaks with the use of ultrasonic and infrared equipment. Flat rate pricing.

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Slab leak that developed from a broken copper pipe

We located this slab leak with our moisture meter and our sonar system. The home owner was observing moisture accumulating on the slab and when other plumbers couldn’t locate the leak, we were able to within 45 minutes. Send us a message here, we will respond right away.

Down in a hole finding a broken pvc pipe leak

Meet one of ourbest leak detection experts Sonny, in this photo, he is down in an access hole locating and marking a pvc pipe leak that was running as the home owners master water supply line. The homeowner was noticing higher than normal water bills. If you have a leak, contact us here.

Broken copper pipe leaking

This was a hot water supply line that was leaking from the soldered joint elbow. The line you see in the photo was located in the home owners attic. The water had been leaking on the trusses and through the attic insulation and then fianlly on the ceiling drywall. We found the leak quickly. We can help you, click here.

FLIR THermal Camera Showing Moisture in Bathroom
FLIR THermal Camera Showing Moisture in Living Room

About the photos: 
We have state of the art infrared leak detection equipment to solve every water leak’s mystery! The reason our leak detection and infrared inspection services are so popular in and around Tampa and Clearwater, is because not only can we find your leak but we can also make recommendations for repairing the problem. We provide detailed infrared inspection reports to home owners, business owners, property managers and their respective insurance companies.

The Latest in Leak Detection Technology

The team here at I Find Leaks uses the latest water leak detection technology on the market today to accurately assess your problem. We will find the water leak, and provide a tailored solution for any home in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, Seminole, Palm Harbor, and Safety Harbor in addition to all other cities in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties located in Florida. We strive to avoid traditional methods of water leak detection. We pride ourselves in our ability to locate hidden water leaks with minimal damage to your valuable property and life! Hidden water leak detection is not just about technology, it is an art form. All of our certified technicians receive at least 12 full months of training prior to becoming a certified leak detection professional. Have peace of mind knowing the water leak detection expert arriving at your Pinellas or Hillsborough County home will have all the latest water leak detection equipment available on the market today in addition to being extremely well trained. We will not leave your property until we find your hidden water leak causing your high water bill or water damage to your valuable home.

Do You Have a High Water Bill?

The first place we check for hidden water leaks is your water meter. If the little red triangle or blue dial is turning constantly with no water running in the house, you have a leak! The most common “leak” we find is toilets running. Check your toilets to ensure they are not running when not flushed. Any easy way to do this would be to remove the lid to the tank and put your ear close to the valve inside. If you can hear a hissing Water Meter in Tampanoise, you need to have the valve replaced. Call us and we will refer a plumbing company to you keeping quality and cost in mind. Is my water bill high due to a water leak?

If your water bill has increased by more than 20% without changes being made to sprinkler watering times, or having company visit your home, you probably have a leak! Check the average usage listed right on your water bill from previous months and look for an uptick in useage

Water Meter Showing High

Did you receive a notice? 
In some cities or counties, the water department will hang a notice on your door that is typically blue. This is also an indication that you will be receiving a high water bill or that your water usage is above average. If there is no water showing up in your home or yard and you receive an unusually high water bill, you most likely have a slab leak.

Pin point leak location with minimal destruction

Your local plumber cannot find leaks with this level of accuracy. We were able to use our thermal cameras to quickly and effectively expostr this pipe leak so a plumber could make the plumbing repairs same-day. Send us a message here, we will respond right away.

Pin hole in the copper pipe

Pin holes are some of the most common leaks we observe when a residence uses copper pipe as the main plumbing water supply lines. These leaks can lead to fast-flooding of homes and slabs. We located this one just below a garage slab in a Clearwater home. If you have a slab leak, contact us here.

Slab leak developed in a St. Petersburg home

A slab leak had developed at this home in St. Petersburg, FL. The home owner called us with concers that the A/C drain had been leaking. When we arrived, we quickly identified the leak coming from under the home. We were able to locate the leak quickly and the customer had the line repaired. We can help you, click here.

Leak Detection Videos From Around Tampa Bay, Clearwater & St. Petersburg

We are an extremely transparent leak detection contractor. We love to video our process so we can better educate our employees and our customers. We try to show how we locate each leak.