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One of the symptoms of a plumbing leak in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and surrounding area is receiving a high water bill. In some cities or counties, the water department will hang a notice on your door that is typically blue. This is also an indication that you will be receiving a high water bill or that your water usage is above average. If there is no water showing up in your home or yard and you receive an unusually high water bill, you most likely have a slab leak. Slab leaks are plumbing leaks underneath the concrete of your Tampa Bay area home or High Water Bill Clearwater business. High water bills can be contributed to other things besides slab leaks. A couple of other things that can cause a high water bill would be if you have a sprinkler system tied into city water, or if you have recently filled a swimming pool. The best way to check for symptoms of a high water bill is to read your water meter. Water meters are typically located near the curb of your Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater property.

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Will I get a credit on my high water bill because of a water leak?

In most counties, you can take our documentation stating that you had a leak causing your high water bill to the water department. We have talked to several property owners who were able to have their high water bills reduced in the form of a credit on their next water bill. We do not speak on behalf of the city or county where you reside, but we encourage you to approach the water department in the event of a high water bill caused by a water leak.

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High water bill water meter
High water bill water meter


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